Friday, March 24, 2017

Why do the San Francisco Giants Sell Out

With a new baseball season days away, there is plenty of excitement around Opening Day. Every baseball team can expect a sell-out crowd on this day. Naturally, not every team can sustain sell-out crowds - especially those that are not winning.

But, the Red Sox do. They don't always win either. What makes them so special? Well, Fenway Park makes them special. The Chicago Cubs sell out every home game because they have been losing for over a century..What makes them so special? Wrigley Field makes them special!

What about the other teams that do not have historic and iconic stadiums? The Yankees don't sell out every home game. The Los Angeles Dodgers don't either. The San Francisco Giants though - well they sell out every single home game. In fact, they have filled AT&T Park to capacity every home game going back to September, 2010. That is impressive!

So how do they do this? AT&T Park, while beautiful and located right on The Bay, is not Fenway or Wrigley. Is it because they have had competitive teams since 2010? That certainly contributes to it, but it's not the answer because look at the St. Louis Cardinals. They're always good, but they don't sell out every home game.

What the Giants do better than anyone else is that they associate Giants games and  being a fan to a certain brand. A brand that people want to be associate dot. They focus on fun and use all platforms to do this. The Giants' Marketing staff uses the social accounts of their players to understand the personalities of their players. Once they know who their players are, they bring that personality to AT&T Park. They use their players' personalities in their own social campaigns. Furthermore, they make social a part of the home ballgame experience by designating social media fan centers.

Content is what is most important and the San Francisco Giants know this. Having been to AT&T Park myself, I can tell you that the Giants make the game fun - even when a losing score makes having fun difficult. They do this by capturing and almost exploiting the personalities of their players and blitzing it across all forms of media at and away from the ballpark. By doing this, they show the team's personality and the San Francisco Giant's brand.

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