Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Do it (restaurant menus) for the 'gram

Black Tap is a burger/beer joint down the block from my office.  They're famous for their "Crazy Shakes"--milkshakes so out of this world over-the-top that before you drink them you have to Instagram/Snap/Facebook/Tweet about them.  

For reference, Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

I ate at Black Tap the other night and watched as tables around me got their Crazy Shakes and took upwards of 10 minutes prepping their shots.  Not taking any sips of their shakes. Ice cream was melting, but that took a back seat to arranging the perfect picture or post to send to their friends.    

It made me think about Black Tap's pretty genius social marketing strategy.  If social media behavior is to take/share pictures of things that are out of the ordinary/awe-inspiring/awesome/newsworthy, and food photography continues to explode (it's backed by science!), then why not create a menu in the age of social media that leverages these insights?  

The result is a hyperbolic menu of eye candy that lends itself perfectly to social capture/sharing and drives WOM, intrigue, and traffic to the restaurant in an authentic, low cost way.  

The table next to ours didn't even drink their Crazy Shakes.  They just came, ordered, conquered via Instagram, and left.  A key question then becomes how Black Tap uses digital to not only acquire new customers for a one-time visit but also retain existing ones/drive frequency of visits per customer.   

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