Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How Much Should Small Businesses Spend on Digital Marketing in 2017?

While working hard on my teams recommendations to our assigned company, I came across this article that has helped me put into perspective how difficult and important marketing is to a startup. For large companies digital is taking 35% of marketing budgets, for a small startup strapped for cash, this 35% might not mean much. However, the high ROI and potentially low cost is worth a second look for startups.

According to GetResponse, 70 percent of small to medium sized businesses said they will increase their digital/web-based marketing budgets this year. 

That makes total sense when you think the impact a well placed display ad, or viral video can increase brand and ultimately lead to traffic and sales. During our email lecture, we learned how that channel was one of the best, in the article spending is focused on email campaigns and now mobile as well.The article goes on to suggest that a small company spend between 4% to 12% of its revenues on digital marketing. Mobile is becoming a hot space as more and more people carry mobile devices and consume content via their mobiles.

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