Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Apple & Facebook vs Google & Web

Google and the Web: How does the web earns money to exist? Well, most of the web with original content earns by ads. And who owns that market? Google does with its Doubleclick (Adserver), which is serving ads for every major publisher; with its AdX (programmatic apps, that follow you around the web). So basically Google owns the Web. So how would you disrupt Google's hegemony if you are Apple or Facebook? Fight not in the current market, but in potential spaces
Apple and the Device: What does Apple have? Mobile. It would be nice for them to take mobile ads further away from Google; and with people shifting more and more to mobile they can seriously damage competitor. AppleiOS 9 has its own AdBlock! They finally delivered what everyone wants - now you can "Plug that RSS firehose straight into your optic nerve and surf surf surf 'til you die". But, of course, it blocks all the ads, except ones, Apple wants you to watch. So now if you want to run ads, which often means survive - you need to partner with Apple.
Facebook and the app: What does Facebook have? Eyeballs inside their app. And of course, they want to show only Ads they want, and they  did their Ads unblockable inside the app.
Google vs Apple vs Facebook - who will win?: it seems that it doesn't matter for ordinary user. However"small publisher on the web ... can't invest in proprietary platform distribution, native advertising, and the type of media wining-and-dining it takes to secure favorable distribution deals on proprietary platforms. It is going to be a bloodbath of independent media". So how will they adapt? Read the full article below for free (yet):

Article by The Verge - Welcome to hell

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