Monday, September 28, 2015

Content Marketing's Clickbait Problem

I found this article on Mashable brief but interesting. It details the clickbait problem of digital advertising that we all know too well.. Display ads popping up that promise an interesting article/content and then once you click, direct you to something completely different. This results in distrust and frustration among users, and hurts the site's reputation as well.

Many sites are cracking down on clickbait with Facebook recently announcing new measures to eliminate clickbait and Buzzfeed backing a no-tolerance policy. Content creators have also begun to support new metrics versus the standard click through rates. These new metrics are based on things like number of shares, time spent on site, etc. These developments may be an indication of the future of digital advertising metrics and payment plans. Clicks may not be enough and may not be the right way to measure the effectiveness of ads.

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