Monday, September 28, 2015

VW Doesn't Want Anyone to Think About Them Right Now

In the midst of the much publicized Volkswagen emissions scandal the company has suspended most national advertising because according to VW's VP of Marketing, "Ongoing press coverage and negative consumer social sentiment in the marketplace has effectively drowned out any positive messaging." The constant feedback loop that is social media is resulting in the perpetuation and magnification of the story in a way that didn't exist before. The Volkswagen scandal would have gotten some news coverage before being considered old news by media outlets and petering out. Now they can't even advertise because any reminder of them sets the public off on another negative social media rant. In the information age a screwup like theirs which only impacted ~5% of cars sold this year is killing their reputation as a company and destroying customer faith and trust in the brand. It is likely that sales will suffer from this loss of trust for years to come.

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