Monday, September 14, 2015

Future of Search

I came across this article written today on the future of Google and SEO/SEM given the increasing use of mobile and mobile apps. As more people buy things on Amazon, select restaurants on Yelp and book cabs on Uber, they won't need Google to be an intermediate. Facebook's new Virtual Assistant will also be able to help with some of these tasks.

With this all in mind, Google has worked hard to optimize it's search functionality and display for mobile as well as integrate its search capabilities within many major applications. They also launched Google Now which is a sign of how search may evolve, focusing more on anticipating information the user needs and feeding it to them (vs. them searching for it) when and where they need it. From knowing the weather before they start their day, to planning the best route to work to avoid traffic, to checking a favorite team’s score while they’re playing, to offering up suggestions for restaurants in the area, Google Now will give users the information they want, when they need it. Ultimately, it seems that SEO/SEM in some form will continue being an important part of marketing strategies for the foreseeable future and will likely evolve as search may become less important.

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