Monday, September 21, 2015

Apple taking on Flipboard with "News"

Hi all

Just wanted to quickly share something relatively underemphasized about the launch of iOS 9. There is now a new app on your iPhone and iPads that provides you with Flipboard like news yet in the same Apple like feel.

Believe it is interesting to see that yet another market after music and (to some extent video) is being taken over by an aggregator basically because people are not willing anymore to pay for individual subscriptions.

Will be interesting to see whether Apple keeps this app free (like Flipboard) or whether it will either start putting adds on it or charge you a fee to use it.

If I were them I would go for a fee model to preserve the experience. From a marketing perspective this will also be interesting to see whether news outlets can get some of their declining revenue back up though digital fees or advertising (and this time its not Google getting the money).

Enjoy the read!

Tomas Thire

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