Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Virtual reality presents new opportunity for digital marketing

Making Predictions about digital marketing is difficult partly because the landscape will likely change so much, digital marketing will have to stretch its definition to include the new variations it will encompass. One such change is the continued development of virtual reality technology. Facebook acquired one of the largest players in virtual reality, Oculus Rift. Facebook just announced last week that the virtual reality technology they have been developing will be compatible with sites like Hulu, Netflix and other personal streaming services. As the article discusses, this means that virtual reality audiences will be available for ads through those services creating a new platform brands can reach their consumers.

This will surely come as a relief for all of the advertisers that have had to adapt to streaming sites themselves, and shift away from television. The development of virtual reality though adds a new opportunity for brands to create an experience akin to in-stores, but actually from the comforts of our homes. We could hold a pair of shoes, try on a sweater or handle a new phone virtually.

This shift will change marketing strategies once again, but may be a shift that works in the favor of the advertiser. 


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