Monday, September 28, 2015

New Taco Bell Website

Taco Bell is improving its digital experience and showing its digital marketing prowess with a new website The new website has cool features like menu customization options, online ordering, and “The Feed” which adds a social “collaboration” element. This update comes on the heels of their widely successful app, “Live Mas,” that was launched last year. Clearly, Taco Bell is very dedicated to digital initiatives.

I checked out the new website myself and was very impressed. For one thing, it really didn’t look like a usual restaurant website I would normally go to. It felt very tech savvy, youthful, and “fresh” – I was impressed. It made it clear that Taco Bell is trying to improve its user experience – and given that fast food restaurants aren’t normally known for their customer service, I thought that was pretty cool. As explained in the article, the company is clearly targeting millennials, and this refresh made that very clear.

I recommend you check it out! If nothing else, it will definitely make you crave a taco (which I guess is the point!)

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