Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Rankings on Ad Fraud of Mobile Exchanges

As we've discussed in class, fraud is a real problem when it comes to advertising online. According to an article I found (link below) on AdAge, it is estimated that 38% of mobile app ad inventory is fraudulent compared to about 27% of desktop inventory. This leaves advertisers in the dark, not knowing which ad exchanges can be trusted to provide real inventory.

An ad-fraud prevention firm called Pixalate has now created a "Trust Index" that ranks mobile app exchanges on their trustworthiness. This will be an extremely helpful tool for advertisers. Pixelate also ranks desktop and mobile web sites as well, but the addition of the mobile app rankings is brand new. Rankings will be updated on a monthly basis.

Hopefully, rankings like these will hold exchanges more accountable to take steps to eliminate fraudulent inventory and increase their transparency on the issue. This would be a win-win for exchanges and advertisers alike.


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