Monday, September 28, 2015

Google strategy to target ads using email addresses

Yesterday we had an article in WSJ stating that Google will allow marketers to use email addresses to target customers on Youtube and Google Search. Termed as 'Customer Match', this product allows marketers to display specific content to specific email addresses while they search on Google or Youtube. So marketers can submit the email addresses of their customers  (marketers may have collected when customers shop or visit their websites) to Google and Google will then allow such marketers to post very specific content to these customers. Only caveat is that customers should have their Gmail mailbox open while surfing the web.

I see this as a huge market for Google because marketers would like to fully leverage on the information they already possess about customers. The fact that they received the email addresses from customers themselves shows that such customers are potentially high value targets for these marketers. Having the ability to successfully filter out potentially interested customers would naturally be of a huge interest to these marketers. And Google itself benefits as they can charge better premium for content posted using this product because marketers know that the customer sample has a potentially better conversion rate.

The article notes that Facebook already has this product called 'Custom Audiences' and it is apparently a very popular product among marketers. The fact that even Google has launched this product validates that the market for such a product is very big.

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