Sunday, September 27, 2015

Twitter Polls Are An Awful Idea

Twitter's financial difficulties were broadly covered when former CEO Dick Costolo stepped down and Jack Dorsey returned to temporarily run the company. Since then, we've been waiting for the social sharing site to roll out new features, hoping that they'll be groundbreaking enough to revive the company.
Yesterday, the possible imminent launch of polls were announced. Users will be able to introduce polls in their tweets. The ability for individuals or brands to gage interest in a product or an opinion by simply asking a yes or no question. The article makes a fair point. While technically this would provide Twitter with the substantial data it craves, it also limits the provision of nuanced opinions, limits the freedom of expression that lures users onto the site to begin with and seems to benefit brands more than it does consumers.
The feature has not yet been rolled out and while it may be an interesting thing to explore, it also displays its many limitations for a company that was built on freedom of expression.

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