Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Two Giants in Digital Ads Seek More

Digital advertising continues to evolve, as Google and Facebook both announced  new services this week at Advertising Week in New York. Facebook is attempting to capture television advertisers by allowing them to buy video ads on its platform that allows marketers to see ratings as done in television. Google, on the other hand, introduced a service that will allow marketers to upload mailing lists and push ads to consumers who are already using Google’s email services. Such a service would allow marketers to promote ad campaigns to users who had not recently been to the seller’s store.

Facebook and Google continue to find unique ways to increase their massive digital advertising revenues. Facebook’s foray into video advertising makes sense given that many consumers are using their mobile platforms while watching TV, often tuning out commercials during a program to use such devices. Their new platform allows marketers to avoid this problem of consumers “tuning out” by targeting them on the other platform that they have switched to. Google’s service meanwhile allows marketers to keep in touch with their consumers even if they have not recently been to a store or been on a platform, all the while allowing Google to obtain even more information about their clients, which is key in the digital age.


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