Monday, September 14, 2015

Will "Buyable Pins" Boost Pinterest's Pie in Search Advertising?

Pinterest, often considered a "Social Networking" site than a serious Search Engine, is wiggling its way into the advertising sphere by promoting a little blue pin called "Buyable Pin" which allows advertisers to convert consumer interest directly into sales.

Over the past few months, the image-bookmarking service has been making the rounds with advertisers trying to persuade them it’s not a social network but rather a place where consumers search for and discover products.
Pinterest is not a place where people come to connect with family and friends, it’s a “catalog of ideas,” says Tim Kendall, the company’s head of monetization. People “go through the catalog and do searches,” he added.


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Sonie said...

This is true -- I consider myself to be a pretty avid user of Pinterest and while I haven't used the "buy" pin button on there yet, I do use the social media network to create a shopping or wish list. I think it fits well with the strategy; we'll see how much consumers are into it.