Monday, September 21, 2015

Brand emoji's as a new marketing tool

Over the last few days, you may have seen the hashtag #shareacoke pop up on twitter, accompanied with an emoji of 2 coca cola bottles. The company is going for the biggest cheers on the web.

This is the result of Twitters first paid emoji campaign, of which Coca Cola Co. is its first partner. With this innovation, Twitter aims to cash in on on the craze for emoji's.

So far, Twitter only aims to use this service as a sweetener to large advertising accounts, and will not open this up for all its advertisers. Instead, it is currently talking to only 10 of its biggest clients to launch similar campaigns.

In a similar effort, Snaps, a new startup, has recently raised $6.5mn and is helping companies navigate the booming messaging market. It has launched custom emoticons for large companies such as Burger King, Victoria's Secret, etc. So expect more to come!

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