Monday, September 28, 2015

Grab the chance when buy buttons in social media take over

Instagram and Pinterest, originally as social networks, have both launched “buy button” to expand their functions and make more profit by cutting out the middle man and letting users directly buy from the App.

Take Pinterest as an example, as many as 93% of its users plan their purchases with the platform after searching on it. This is a large opportunity for brands, because it means a new advertising avenue and also budget-friendly. This is also a challenge for marketing in this quite new area. I think companies first should try its best in presenting carefully designed pictures. Secondly, SEO inserting in the pictures should be paid attention to. SEO for traditional search engine such as GOOGLE are already mature. However, “SEO” for social media need to be explored more. Last but not least, companies are better to keep itself surrounding everyday hit and dig the relations to always make the products in front of the public.

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