Sunday, September 13, 2015

Websites know you're using ad-blockers and they're coming for you

Users are increasingly using ad blockers to stop ads from interrupting their browsing experience when they go online, often forgetting that these ads generate the revenue that keeps the websites whose content they consume alive and running.
As the use of this type of software increases, publishers are finding workarounds to counter their spread, even offering the alternative to subscribe to newsletters or premium content. This is a real concern for publishers as ad blockers not only target desktop readership but are now also making their way to other devices such as mobile via specific apps.
The "counter attack" is an opportunity for publishers and content creators to educate content consumers in how the business model operates. An understanding that content is only free because it's supported by either ads or subscriptions is necessary, and readers who refuse to acknowledge this may not deserve to have access to the content in the first place. Publishers are now coming up with alternatives to capture revenue from those who are fed up with ads. This trend is set to grow, just like ad-block use has in recent times.

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