Sunday, September 13, 2015

Facebook and Google, both going for the online retail business

A few weeks ago, Google has announced a new feature called Purchases on Google. With this change mobile ads will have a “buy” button, which will redirect the user to a page where he can buy the product.

This week, the social network leader has also announced a new feature, Shopping and Services, to be released in the coming weeks. With this enhancement, retailers  and service providers will be able to show and sell their products from their Facebook page.

But, are Facebook and Google targeting the exact same segment? Facebook’s new feature, which also includes other engagement functionalities such as: “Call Now,” “Send Message” and “Contact Us.”, seems to be more like a branded front solution for small business, perhaps with the ability to fully replace the, frequently outdated, web pages that many of these small businesses own.  

Google, however, looks to be a pure shopping functionality targeting retailers at different size, based on search.The company, using GPS data to understand the shopping journey, will also provide retailers information on how to optimize their AdWord.

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