Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Apple's iOS 9 brings ad blocking to the center

After Apple announced that it was going after Google's main revenue stream, publisher's became increasingly worried about users blocking ads, which support most of the content generation online.

Studies suggest that ad blocking is costing publishers about $22 billion per year. While ad-blockers developers state that their products are necessary to keep the industry running and help publishers to stay in control of the context in which their content is shown, digital ads companies disagree. It is true that completely blocking all ads because some of them may be very intruding and hurt the users' experience seems to be an overkill. But the industry should think about why users are increasingly adopting ad-blockers and what they should do in the future.

It looks that there are two ways out of this conflict: the industry starts to auto regulate and users will cease to demand ad-blocking software or, alternatively, a compromise solution can be found, like it happened in the music industry and piracy.

This battle will be decided in the next few years but it is clear that some action will have to be taken, otherwise free content will cease to exist, and users are not very fond of paying for it.

Public's love for ad blockers infuriating publishers

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