Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lovestagram and Digital Marketing

According to the definition, “lovestagram” concept is one that revolves around a public or private couple sharing similar photos on their Instagram, hinting a a romantic relationship. So the key of Lovestagram is hinting. In other words, we do not know if these two people are actually in a real relationship, but we are able to observe some special connections from their Instagram updating. 

On the surface, Lovestagram sounds like a tricky game between couples, but right now it becomes quite popular as one of pop stars’ marketing strategy.  Fans are always crazy about their stars’ “unknown sides”, and they will try to find out more and more information through Instagram, Twitter, etc. And importantly, fans will rearrange those information and put them into new contexts, which are usually good at drawing more attention from public. Since truth and accuracy are not parts of Lovestagram’s definition, Lovestagram is especially useful for boy bands when we talk about catching eye balls. They are not only known for being close but also for consistently updating their fans via the photo-sharing platform.

Lovestagram can be the easiest and the most interesting way to create or make up a hot topic. 

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