Tuesday, September 08, 2015

How Chiara Ferragni's blog became an $8M business

How Chiara Ferragni's blog became an $8M business

Ever since I had an Instagram account, I started to follow Chiara Ferragni and always wondered who this blonde was, because she has over 4.5 million followers without specifying what her occupation is or what she does for living. It was not until reading the article named ‘How Chiara Ferragni’s blog became an $8M business’ that I realized how brilliant this 27-year-old young lady is, particularly in marketing herself via media. 

Just a few years ago Chiara Ferragni was a fashionable Italian law student with a passion for posting photos of her personal style online. Now, she sits atop two companies worth $8 million. She's been on the covers of magazines all over the world, earned the attention of the Harvard Business School, and just sat front row at two dozens New York Fashion Week shows. And the most interesting fact is that Ferragni is not a model, not an actress, or not even a traditional celebrity, but she represents her name-a brand, and a lucrative one. She's the co-founder and editor-in-chief of fashion blog-turned-lifestyle-website, "The Blonde Salad." She founded it in 2009 -- for $10 -- with her then boyfriend and current CEO Riccardo Pozzoli. Ferragni’s first intention to post photos was simply because, according to Ferragni, she loved to create something that people loved to look at, and they could find inspiration from, and that was it. I sincerely believe in her statement. We never know what kind of opportunity is around us, and we are unlikely to explore opportunities that do not have potential for personal development. However, Ferragni is the luck girl as she grasped the chance and never let it go.

Among many bloggers, Ferragni is probably the most successful one. Her success does not come out of nowhere; if you ever had a chance to look through her photos on Instagram, you would know her secrets to success: keeping blogs up to date and presenting the photos of the highest quality. Ferragni is a smart woman; she knows what pose to make at different occasion and what caption to put to attract peoples’ attention without any sense of showing off. This is her marketing strategy: being fashionable while keeping herself close to the social norm.

Due to Ferragni’s influence, there is a significant increase in fashion bloggers who hope to become famous and make a great fortune (maybe). Aleali May and Charlotte Groeneveld are good examples. With their increased popularity and designers’ handbags in the photos, it is very likely that a successful fashion blogger is one of the top occupations that any girl would want. Nevertheless, a successful fashion blogger not only needs to keep fit, but also keep her mindset strategized. Ferragni is not satisfied with her accomplishment. Indeed, a focus on the American market is now at the top of Ferragni’s agenda. She is already house hunting in Los Angeles. Americans are just so much easier to work with — they understand the power of numbers and the power of social media interactions and all these kinds of things much better than anybody else. Therefore, Ferragni keeps on walking down her path of fashion, people across the world keep on following her steps in fashion.


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