Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Using Human Communication to Unlock Your Digital Marketing’s Potential

In the article “Using Human Communication to Unlock Your Digital Marketing’s Potential”, the author discusses the need to be genuine in our digital interactions and appear as human as possible. Per the author, digital marketing is similar to the efforts of a door-to-door salesperson, and thus we must analyze what makes them successful in order to leverage that in our communications.

As a result, the author stresses the need to appear as genuine and ‘human’ as possible, due to the fact that digital marketing often can appear very impersonal as marketers try to reach a large audience and gain as much traffic as possible. However, the key is to remember that we are reaching out to human beings with “all their individual quirks and eccentricities”.

While the author is convincing in in reminding us that building a relationship is critical to achieve success in digital marketing, it nonetheless remains an extremely difficult to task. It appears that marketers are relegated to using fictitious personalities and actors such as Progressive’s Flo to create such a relationship.

While that has been immensely successful for Progressive, it still remains a superficial relationship, in spite of their efforts to personalize the brand. Ultimately, brands that are able to create a real connection will surely do best, such as Nike has done with their training app; users there can connect with others and compete, and thus feel part of a community, which can create immense brand loyalty.

Article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/miketempleman/2015/09/04/using-human-communication-to-unlock-your-digital-marketings-potential/

- Yaphet Kifle

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