Monday, September 07, 2015

Social marketing -- WeChat public platform in China

WeChat is an instant chatting APP heating up in China, with over 600 million active users, integrated with one-on-one chat, moments, payment, QR code and so on. As a result, WeChat has become an attractive market for both large and small business naturally. WeChat has launched public accounts function, which is used by companies or individuals to market certain products.

There are mainly two types of public accounts, subscription accounts and service accounts. More marketing campaigns are held by subscription accounts. There are mainly three reasons why subscription accounts are so popular among WeChat users. To begin with, it is the users who have the initiative to follow any public accounts they are interested in. However, E-mail or telephone marketing that customers passively received may sometimes annoy them.  Secondly, advertisement tendency is less obvious and more invisible, compared to e-mail or mobile marketing. Marketing on WeChat tends to penetrate consumers’ daily life via the newsletters they post everyday, integrated with product information.  Finally,  from the angel of public account holders, marketing campaigns on WeChat requires a smaller budget, giving a large benefit to small business especially stat-ups.

For me, I have followed many public accounts on my WeChat account. Some accounts introduce going-on activities around in the city, matched with fabulous images and appealing words. Signing up links will be given in such posts, so that audience can buy tickets conveniently. Also, some accounts focus on teaching people how to bake or cook. And the ingredients or kitchenware appeared is sold by related stores owned by the account.

In the nearest future, WeChat platform will become a strategic and important stage for social marketing undoubtedly.

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