Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Study shows a lot of room for improvement in email marketing

Consultancy firm Practicology tracked email activity of almost 100 major retailers for 6 months and found that there was a lot that they could be doing better.
They started by subscribing to their newsletters, and were able to do so in 91% of them. Some of retailers even required the user to create an account to subscribe to their newsletter.
Shockingly, 15% of the retailers never contacted them even when they subscribed to their newsletter. Also, only 67% of the companies acknowledged subscription by sending a confirmation email.
Despite a lot of them had multi-platform websites that adapted to the screen of the user, only 52% of the emails showed the same responsiveness, making it more complicated for the subscriber to view the content of the newsletter.
The study mentions that even though there is no defined limit for the frequency, 7% of the companies sent daily emails to its subscribers, with a high risk of them unsubscribing from the newsletter.
Regarding social media, and given its importance today, it is almost unbelievable to find that about 24% of the newsletters didn't include links to the retailers social media accounts, making it easier for the customers to connect with them.
The study clearly shows that, despite being one of the oldest tools of digital marketing, companies still need to improve a lot their email campaigns.

Original article:
Six month study shows major retailers failing to make the most from email marketing

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