Saturday, June 10, 2017

1.3B Population and still counting....What about Internet?

India is world's 2nd most populous Country at 1.31B with China at 1.39B and US at 0.32B. India's Internet penetration is at 27% compared to China's 47% and US's 75%. Growth of iphone sales is slowing in US while growth of android based devices is growing at a fast pace in India and China.

With such a huge population and under penetration in internet, there is an enormous opportunity technology providers. Digital marketing has not gained momentum yet and has a lot of catch up to do until users are addicted to phone.
There are several changes currently occurring in the hardware and software technology space:
  • The time spent in on Android devices rose to 150 billion hours in 2016 from 70 billion hours in 2014.
  • The price of data has been going down from $4.4 in 2014 to $1.9 in 2017.
  • The data consumed has increased 9 times within last year.
Can one ignore a market with such huge potential.


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