Friday, June 23, 2017

7 Days of Digital Detox: Diary of a Digitaddict

Did you know, the average person will spend 3.9 years of their life staring at a smartphone screen? Let’s wrap our head around that for a second.  Think about what you were doing 3.9 years ago. Now, shut out every memory you’ve experienced between then and now and replace it with texts, memes, Google searches, and YouTube videos.  Anyone feel slightly sad yet? I do.

While advances in technology and the evolution of our world to digital has made our lives easier and more exciting in so many ways, there is no denying that it has also ignited an intense reliance and addiction that some argue has gone too far.  Five to ten years ago, accessibility to the internet on your phone was a luxury.  Now, our overexposure is pushing us in the other direction.  Is offline the new luxury?

Some companies are capitalizing on this sentiment, creating brands and products centered around “digital detoxing.” One company, Digital Detox, offers retreats that focus on off-the-grid experience while being disconnected.  (check it out

There are even apps to help you detox from apps for those completely oblivious to the irony.

This article from Wired features the diary of one digitaddict going through smart phone rehab by trying out another digital detox product called the “Smart Dumbphone” from the brand Punkt.  This phone offers calling and texting, no camera, apps, internet, etc.  And for only the small price of $295, why not?!

Follow his week-long journey to digital sobriety to find out what happens….

Smart Dumbphone by Punkt

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