Saturday, June 03, 2017

The Importance of SEM in IT Services

SEM is a fundamental way to increase brand awareness for disruptive business models whose main obstacle is overcoming "brand awareness" issues and are taking share from incumbent providers.

Typically in the IT Datacenter Hardware market (think large servers, storage and network devices), where incumbent providers like Dell, Cisco, HP have been selling into enterprise (i.e. Coca Cola, Wal Mart) customers for decades, upstart independent providers have begun taking share (currently now around $1bn share in a $45bn market). In this case, the disruptors suffer from a recognition problem, as over 50% of potential customers don't even realize that they exist.

3rd party IT Datacenter services must invest in SEM / SEO in order to be recognized and continue to displace the incumbent providers. Being top ranked on the 1st search page, in addition to creating digital content on youtube and other website is critical.

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