Saturday, June 03, 2017

What really works for B2B Email Marketing

We all receive junk or advertising emails. We are not happy with them because they consume our time on totally unrelated content. Before we even click the content, such email with an obvious marketing tone in its subject already turns us off and makes itself go straight to trash. 

This article caught my attention as I have been doing some supportive projects for B2B email marketing campaigns lately. Email marketing still plays an imperative role in the integral marketing strategies for a brand or an organization. Most of time, its more effective than SEO or content marketing to reach the target audience and generate more sales or leads, particularly B2B email marketing, which targets primarily decision-makers of all business.

These targets are usually high profile and busy C-level professionals. How to send a tailor-made email with concise and clear content to them is crucial. Content length is priority – less is more. No one is willing to peruse intensive content in today’s digital world which has much shortened our attention span. Building accurate segment through database affects the efficiency of email marketing as well. Only when the email content is highly related to the audience and feels personal does it convert potential customers to leads or sales. Email display and fonts also matter, always highlight the core message and make audience immediately understand the purpose of the email.

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