Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Time Warner Said to Invest $100 Million in Snapchat Shows, Ads

The article discuss Time Warner's plan to invest $100M to produce TV shows and advertising on Snapchat. The investment imitative show that traditional media companies are actively utilizing and expanding to social media platform space in order to gain wider audience and target specific age groups. It is important for media and advertising companies to change their medium as consumers' preferences change. A Snapchat exclusive TV shows seem very interesting as the concept contrasts with the popular binge watching culture.

As discussed in class, Snapchat advertisements can really be effective with different filters and ability for the app to use geo-location to maximize local stores to gain attractions. I am looking forward to see how media companies collaborate with various social media platforms (for example, vertical format for Snapchat will not work for Facebook and how they plan to have consistent message and advertisements across different platforms).      


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