Saturday, June 24, 2017

What Does These Statistics From Cannes Lions Mean For Marketers?

Cannes Lions is the buzz word this week if you are working in the advertising industry. This international festival of creativity is a community for the most creative and talented people to spark new ideas and discuss the trend of the advertising world. This article pointed out a few outstanding stats and they may give marketers insights into what brands should consider in order to fully engage with their audience:

The power of Instagram still continues

In just two months, users of Instagram’s story format have increased by 50 million (Now 250 million users) .  Brands and agencies need to be cognizant of the latest demographics of both existing and new users so they can determine what content needs to be placed there to attract users in a way that they find entertaining or informative while not causing too much social media experience interruption.

Find each possible brand relevance

Today’s sports-gear market has become fragmented. New players such as Lululemon and Gap’s Athleta have successfully cornered a niche yoga market - such strategy is a threat to sport-gear giants Adidas or Nike, which has decisively made their brands be the top choices when considering where to buy yoga gears. Adidas is not known for making yoga gear. But it created a live streaming video to celebrate international yoga day and summer solstice. This video was posted on its social media and received a large number of clicks. A message as such could resonate with yoga practitioners and later on impact their purchase preference. 

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