Friday, June 09, 2017

Is the internet user secure?

In March 2017, Congress just cleared the way for internet providers to share your browser history. A number of companies would pay thousands of dollars to get this information for customer targeting, varied pricing and multiple other business needs. But is this safe for the internet user?

Now a days, everyone virtually lives on the internet. Right from the cuisine they like to the ailments an individual is suffering from can be found out using the browsing history of the person. Apart from this, extremely sensitive information like your home location, your travel preferences, your bank account details, everything can be deduced by looking at your search history.  

In my opinion in this era of digital living, there is a need for the privacy rights of an individual to be protected. The numerous cases of identity theft have sprung up in the recent past. And most of these are caused by certain folks misusing the internet. Hence, having stringent laws which protect the privacy of the users is extremely critical. 



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