Monday, June 12, 2017

Live Streaming: Katy Perry couldn't quite beat Old Spice

As the social media conversation grows exponentially, it is getting harder and harder for get a name to be heard among all of the voices publishing online. To this end, many music celebrities are launching their new music with stunts expected to go viral. Case in point, Katy Perry decided to live stream an entire weekend worth of activities for her viewers to celebrate the release of her new album.

Engaging with viewers in real time is not new for digital marketing, but it is difficult to execute. In Katy Perry's case, she outfitted her home with dozens of cameras, even one over her bed while sleeping. She also coordinated several celebrities to come over and participate in entertaining activities.

The length of her live stream drew a lot of attention and warranted a large crew staff to make it come together. It was also very strategic for the brand Cover Girl to capitalize on an advertising opportunity with a captive Katy Perry fan audience. However, I think Old Spice holds the bar for most creative and challenging real time viewer engagement with a brand on its 'Smell Like a Man, Man' Response Campaign. Viewers submitted prompts to the agency in real time and Isaiah Mustafa responded back within minutes. It was a strong brand collaboration that shattered dozens of YouTube records, some of which it still holds today. Check out the 5 minute video case study in the link below...

Katy Perry Live Stream Synopsis

YouTube Katy Perry Live Stream

Old Spice Response Campaign

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