Friday, June 16, 2017

Drive Costumer Engagement

Just Water- a new water company in the United States of America- has been running an advertisement campaign using social media platform. Just Water claims that by using a paper-base water carton instead of plastic they can help reduce the carbon footprint. Along with the previous benefit of Just-Water they also came up with a campaign which promises a tree grown per numbers of bottle purchased.

Instagram was chosen as their main platform to deploy this campaign. Instagram is often selected due to its high consumer-engagement level of reposts, hashtags, and share-abilities. 
For this campaign, a certain amount of hashtags on Instagram are required to plant one tree. The campaign grew with its unifying hastags and organically reached many A-list celebrities such as Leonardo De Caprio, along with many environmentalist have taken this campaign to their own personal Instagram accounts. 

Whether the success was due to the campaign's original strategies, or through influencer marketing from the organically gained A-list celebrities, we can see that marketing through selected social media channel like Instagram has big potential to captivate large crowds and returns in ROI. 

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