Saturday, June 10, 2017

Today's Music Streaming World

In today’s world there is such a wide array of music streaming services such as Napster, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube. These services has allowed viewers and users stream and share millions upon millions of songs and new contents on a daily basis. However, there appears to be a big controversy behind music streaming services that artists are faced with. These artist or the original content makers claims that they are not given enough financial support from streaming service providers and demand a higher paid amount. On the other hand, these music streaming services are reported to have annual loss of Millions of dollars.

A recent case brought against Spotify by a pair of professors from the Berklee College of Music, who were suspicious of the royalties' annual pay in music streaming to artists, shines light on a big financial gap. This large amount of money was divided among music labels rather than the artists directly.This lawsuit later won millions of dollars, which were returned to artists who were truly entitled to these streaming royalties. 

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