Friday, June 16, 2017

Helping vs. Selling...

While searching for effectiveness of online advertising, I happened to chance upon an interesting article on the internet which focused on consumers rather than on marketers. Up until now, when ever I had spoken on about how to make the online add better, always thought of it as - "How should I attract more consumers?" and never as "How can I be helpful to the consumer?" 

I would like to share a quote here - “People read newspapers, listen to the radio, and watch TV, but they go to the Web to get things done.” This quote opened my eyes. The online marketing if made useful to the consumer can be much more effective in confirming the purchase. An average consumer is bombarded with ~1700 ads a month. But less than 30% get clicked. The folks who are looking for items on the internet on PC/phones are much more likely to buy a product and putting in content which will help consumers make a decision will not only help improve the click through rate but also help the manufacturer ensure sales. Win win situation for all.


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