Saturday, June 24, 2017

Youth Shift in Media Consumption - 5

With multiple ways to consume your favorite TV programming, one must wonder how television marketing with adapt to all the options available. One study in the UK shows that teens are starting to migrate towards on-demand media consumption.

"The research, carried out by MediaCom, shows that a third of teenagers regularly view TV content on their smartphones. This has risen from 25% in 2016. On demand services are increasingly popular amongst younger consumers, with 38% saying this method is the way they watch most of their programmes."

What will tv marketers do to adapt? Some content providers have shifted to making ads mandatory to watch. They have removed the fast forward option when consuming on-demand content. Most of the major cable providers have moved to this option.  Will there be a player to follow a model similar to Netflix, with an adless option for a premium price? This will be interesting to watch as time goes on, but for now, it appears the race for content will continue to dominate this space.

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