Friday, June 23, 2017

Patrón’s Mobile Ads Recommend a Summer Drink Using Data From 12 Million Foursquare Users

Patron is serving up mobile ads that are making tasty drink recommendations based on consumer data. By combining data from 12 million Foursquare users with Patron's "taste" data, the brand is developing an algorithm that recommends drinks to bar and restaurant patrons.

By segmenting data into two groups known as "bros" and "knows", the former being social consumers and the latter being more seasoned connoisseurs, Patron can merge this psychographic and demographic data with their location and taste habits from Foursquare, thus being able to provide a targeted ad with a recommended drink based on their preferences.

Creating more targeted and personalized ads during the summer season, rather than just pushing the brand with an influencer shows that Patron is willing to creatively use data that is available to them from users of social media. In addition to these insights, they can also effectively market to age groups over 21, which can sidestep the issues alcohol brands have with underage viewers.

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