Friday, June 23, 2017

Is Apple too late in joining the media content party?

Netflix has changed the media content industry and the way it is viewed. I used to wait for Friday evenings to get a DVD from Blockbuster and enjoy the movies at home. Netflix started to offer DVD's by mailing them to our home allowing us to watch the movies and ship the DVD back to them. Blockbuster stores began to close as they started to loose business.

Netflix then started to move towards online movie where we could access content with the switch of a remote. It produced own content with huge success. Soon HBO, Starz, Amazon and others followed the trend.

Now Apple is joining the bandwagon after a late start. Apple has hired two top executives from Sony Entertainment to co lead their worldwide video programming. This move will allow the company to diversify from being known as a hardware company to someone who offers other products as well.

Time will only tell if Apple can catch up to Netflix..........


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