Friday, June 16, 2017

Pinterest: The Google of Visual Search?

     This article explore's Pinterest's foray into the visual search space. They have invested heavily in ways to search through images (i.e. converting clicking on an image to a search query, targeting advertising based on image searches). Their ultimate goal is to maximize the capabilities available through Lens, a resource on Pinterest through which users can take a picture on their phone and Pinterest will display pins related to the objects in the photo (for example, if you submitted a photo of a pair of shoes you would see pins of outfits including those shoes, or even links to purchase the shoes).
     Due to the relationship between Pinterest and the brands that utilize Pinterest to promote and advertise their products, Pinterest believes it has an "edge" over other companies that have tried to build visual search platforms. The article delves into challenges that Pinterest has faced in building out this technology, including the ability to employ algorithms to tag/analyze each image that is posted.

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