Friday, June 02, 2017

Social Media- Destruction of Youth's Mental Well-being

Social Media- Destruction of Youth's Mental Well-being 

         Social media platforms- Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter- have been proven to cause up to 14 problematic wellness and health-related disorders. Visual-intensive platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are reported to have the most destructive impact among one of every six teenagers- causing depressing, anxiety, body-image issues.

Heavy-users who accumulatively spend more than two hours per day browsing on social media are more prone to various mental-health crisis. Psychiatrists, pushes the need of an education-based approach in order to equip consumers with psychological distresses.

Over 2 billion total users on social media platforms, with 66% of users experiencing symptoms similar to cigarette addictions, are scare of loosing connection to their existing social media accounts. As the population continues to be more "internetly -connected", they also continues to struggle socially with crippling anxiety.

Source: CNN
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