Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Proposed ‘Covfefe Act’ Aims to Make Donald Trump’s Tweets More Accountable

Given Donald Trump's aggressive use of Twitter, a Congressperson is introducing the bill, Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement, or the "COVFEFE Act", which would consider politician's tweets and other social media postings as official record. This would mean that social media posts would be preserved and archived, and would also apply to deleted tweets. This would make politicians more accountable and cognizant of things or information they post or tweet.

With the influence of social media and the large scale reach a politician has without the appropriate checks and balances, I support this bill. The opinions of major politicians has widespread effects all over the world, like moving markets, shaping global policy, and promoting diplomacy. While Trump doesn't recognize it, his tweets affect the country's well being overall, and his account shouldn't be taken lightly. The government should either regulate his account or not allow him to Tweet at all.

Trump's use of Twitter is unprecedented, but as social media becomes increasingly important to the promotion of politicians, formal policies will have to be refined to protect the country's interests.


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