Friday, June 23, 2017

Extra, Extra, Read All About It….On Facebook!

News Corp. in Advanced Talks With Facebook on Subscriptions

In a move that recognizes Facebook’s reach and expansive user base, News Corp. (publisher of the Wall Street amongst other periodicals) is holding “very advanced” discussions about subscriptions to its content online. This blogger, for one, thinks it’s an amazing idea!

It’s no secret that traditional newspapers and magazines have been getting killed over the last few years and this is a great solution to the problem of content dissemination. If the publishers could get access to Facebook’s portal and make inroads to its social graph, it could be hugely beneficial to them financially. I know that this type of relationship would make my life easier if I didn’t have to visit multiple websites to get my daily information (i.e., birthdays from Facebook and the news from The possibilities for this type of relationship seem truly extraordinary and have the potential to generate a lot of new subscriptions.  Imagine if you see a bona fide WSJ article pop up on your news feed because a friend has shared it. I know that I would click on it if it was interesting. Let’s be honest, most of the stuff shared on Facebook is trashy – and some have proven to be completely fictitious all together.

By acknowledging that Facebook (and Google) dominate the online advertising space and approaching the situation collaboratively I think that both parties stand to benefit immensely. Facebook’s current events and news get an instant boost to credibility and the publishers get access to a network that they can monetize.

Talk about your “win win” – sign me up!

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