Friday, June 16, 2017

Ads On Social Media Viewed As The Least Trusted By Consumers

In a study by CMO council conducted on participants in the US, UK and Canada, ads were found to be more reputable when shown on traditional channels such as TV, as opposed to social media (despite social media providing the second highest volume of ads). Major issues for this include seeing offensive content and annoying advertising methods such as pop ups.

As the digital advertising space becomes increasingly more complex and customer attention is fragmented, creating relevant and engaging content to continue engagement is key. However, this can become wasted effort if the ads are positioned inappropriately.

When developing strategies, marketers should be wary of what channels they trust to associate their brand with as they could be deterring rather than growing their consumer base. Consideration should be focused on which trusted sources ad content can placed on (eg. Facebook and YouTube is seen as trustworthy) and what content the ad will be surrounded by, and checking the results when ads go live to avoid any mishaps.

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