Friday, June 16, 2017

Look who has filed a patent to block customers from matching prices is all over the news for all good reasons.
All of us are familiar how Amazon took the online shopping experience by storm to leave many struggling retailers to shut down stores. Amazon used clever strategy by building warehouses in states that were tax exempt. It started to undercut competition in prices and the retailers struggled to match up Amazon's prices. In early 2000's, customers started going to stores and asked retailers to match Amazon prices.

Guess....what has changed now in 2017? Amazon has filed a patent to block customers from accessing its competitor's URL's while shopping at one of the Amazon's stores. As we have see that Amazon is experimenting by opening retail stores in a hip format that does not require you to stand in a line to checkout your shopping items.

Amazon's business strategy is simple: Push others out of business and then provide same offerings through different channels in a cost effective way and then safeguard themselves with different patents.

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