Friday, June 09, 2017

The Viewability Crackdown Continues, Enter...Google!?

P&G Tells Digital to Clean Up, Lays Down New Rules for Agencies and Ad Tech to Get Paid

P&G is cracking down on its agencies in regards to the level of transparency and taking a page out of our recent lesson plan on viewability in their new five-point program that their agencies must follow at the risk of not getting paid. 

After reading this article I can’t help but marvel, yet again, at Google and how they have been providing users with insights into the internet through their various offerings that they make available for free.

One has to wonder if Google’s technology and analytics could be leveraged to extend to analyzing digital advertising and its return on investment. Given Google’s track record with virtually every other service they provide, I would be shocked if they couldn’t get into this arena arm companies with information that could be used to hold advertising agencies accountable for providing the services and having the impact that the companies envisioned when they were engaged.

Imagine if Google could develop an insight or tool that could be used ubiquitously to evaluate all digital advertising. The article talks about the U.S.’s anemic economic growth despite $200 billion in annual ad spending (including $72 billion on digital). Could you imagine the bump in return on marketing investments that companies could achieve with Google’s help?!?! It doesn’t seem farfetched that Google could leverage its existing capabilities and provide an extremely valuable service to companies!

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