Saturday, June 17, 2017

Start thinking about chatbots

Adweek's article look at the rise of chatbots and their implications.

In 2016, messaging apps has surpassed social networking apps in terms of monthly active users. As we continue to see the shift in smartphone communication from voice to social messaging (complete with texts, photos and animated gifs), we are also seeing the adoption of social messaging at an unprecedented pace. If brands have to be where users are, my opinion is that as marketers, we will need to identify opportunities in this new unchartered realm. 

For mobile-first brands, chatbots have become the new hotspot. With automation on the rise, my belief is that more brands will serve consumers using conversational interfaces, which in itself, presents the opportunity for brands to deliver 1-on-1 experiences in terms of personalization, curated content and engaging customer service. For example, retail brands can personalize the shopping experience through AI-powered chatbots, to imitate the service you'd receive from an assistant at a brick-and-mortar store.

For those of us who are completely new to the technology, we have to start wading into it. As digital marketers, we ought to start thinking about how to build capabilities to serve consumers in conversational mobile moments.  Buzzwords of today such as "natural language processing", "artificial intelligence", and "machine learning" — they will become part of the digital/mobile marketer's tools to harness successful chatbots so as to reach out to more people, and to engage with them on a deeper level.

So start thinking about this technology today!

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