Friday, June 09, 2017

Shadowbanning on Instagram

For businesses finding that their engagement on Instagram dwindling, it could be a result of Instagram blacklisting your account and shadowbanning your posts.

This can result when Instagram feels that your posts have been too “spammy” and have not been adding value to the community or when posts are hashtagged to unrelated keywords just to get exposure where likes/followers are not obtained organically. This makes sense as Instagram would not want its users to drop off after being bombarded with irrelevant content.

There are a couple of recommendations that marketers can use to curb this:
  1. They can then join an Instagram “pod”, which is like a support group where instagrammers like and comment on each others posts
  2. Take a break
  3. Businesses may also want to consider switching their account under a personal one as it seems Instagram prefers businesses to pay to reach their users. Personal accounts are apparently given more preference in user feeds, but they will lack the contact button that businesses have.

However, above all, marketers should continue to focus on good content first (as with all social media platforms) and use related hashtags in the caption. Just as we learned with SEM, organic reach may take a lot more effort and time but you will be able to build real user engagement, trust, and save your company from being blacklisted.

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