Friday, June 16, 2017

McDonald's: Fast Food and Fast Job Applications

Regardless of what you think about their food, McDonald's is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world.  When you combine this growth with a younger workforce, you can run into a few problems. Having a younger workforce tends to have a higher turnover rate. So how do you keep up with the churn and fill the new jobs that growth is creating?

McDonald's has chosen to engage young people in something they most likely do every day to fill their need. In Austrailia, McDonald's has turned Snapchat into a recruiting and free marketing tool to target their ideal worker. Teens can start a job application by simply activating a Snapchat lens. Here they give a 10-second interview on why they want to work for the fast food giant. Meanwhile, every time an interview ends, a whole new audience is reached through the applicant's story.  Micky D's may be on to something here. Is this how my child is going apply for their first job?

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