Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Computers that can See

What is the next big thing in Digital Marketing? As we already have discussed in class, visual search technology is being developed and mastered, and will soon enough be brought to the forefront of marketing campaigns for the biggest companies in the world.

For the consumer, the benefit is obvious.  A lot of us are incredibly busy (hi fellow EMBA students) and are admittedly attached to our phones, whether it be related to our work or social lives.  I think most would agree it's easier to snap a picture of something you're interested in and within seconds have links to purchase that product or endless information regarding it at your fingertips, as opposed to taking a picture, retrieving it later, and attempting to describe it in a search bar while toggling back and forth between screens.  A valuable few minutes returned to our days! 

How about for the company's themselves?  Not only can major tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook drive revenue by attracting additional advertisers via this new platform, but the amount of revenue they can do in sales would be substantial.  As if buying on Amazon weren't easy enough, imagine if you took a picture of something and were taken to the page to buy it with a simple click?  How about partnerships with specific brands?  There are endless opportunities to be explored.  This form of marketing also would likely appeal greatly to those from the ages of 16-40, which is the age range to target in order to build long term loyalty.

This article by Martech Today gives some great insight into how Pinterest is leveraging this technology on its platform.

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